CLT – Ceiling System

Cross laminated timber is used for load bearing walls, ceilings and roof constructions for the construction of single and two family housing, in multi storey residential buildings, for school and other residence related utilisation as well as for hall constructions.

Wall plate:

Vertical loads on wall elements create normal stresses in the layers parallel to the applied load. Bending stresses, which result from possible eccentric ceiling connections or occurring deformations, are also applied. Because of the crosswise arrangement of individual board layers, the wall plates also accept higher horizontal loads and can therefore be simultaneously used for building bracing. The higher stiffness and load-bearing capacity of glued cross laminated timber elements enables economic use in multi-storey residential and industrial structures.


Bending girder or ceiling plate:

By crosswise arranging of the board layers cross laminated timber can also be applied as panel elements which transfers the parallel to the element layer effective loads through bending. This is typically the case for window lintels or stiffened roof and ceiling plates. This supporting action is used primarily in construction of additional storeys on existing buildings in as much as the loads of the additional storeys can be directed across considerable span widths to the load distributing external walls on the existing building.