flexibilityDesign Flexibility

CLT panels and openings can be designed offsite exactly to the specifications required onsite and also CLT elements can be combined with other building materials such as glulam beams enabling flexibility in design, style and finish architecture for entire building or any combination of building parts. CLT is amazingly adaptable to different types of projects, designs and site conditions. Its flexibility allows for long spans in either floor, wall or roof construction.

factoryFactory Custom Accurate Design

When the detailed specifications of the construction are sent to the manufacture,  CLT panels and openings for doors and windows and electrical wiring chassis will be customized very accurately with the desired dimensions. The building entirely can be prefabricated at the manufacture.


onsite modificationEasy onsite design modification

CLT panels are designed and manufactured onsite precisely with all the openings for doors and windows and also chased for electrical wiring and piping which leads to rare occurrence of onsite repair. Due to the workable nature of timber, CLT panels are altered very easily and great for self-tapping screws. CLT is ideal for projects with limited on-site storage capacity.