factory Installation Time Efficiency:

The Cross Laminated Timber panels are manufactured in a factory which means when it comes time to construction, the panels are prefabricated. This allows for the shell of a building to be erected in an incredibly short amount of time. The panels are dry which eliminated the necessity to allow time for drying. Erecting CLT is a quick and largely quiet process, and takes up less space onsite which allows for possible increase of development viability on difficult sites. The precise off site designing and manufacturing reduces the onsite labour time and being lightweight saves transportation and assembly costs.


Ease Of On-site Modification:
safety onsite
CLT panels are designed and manufactured offsite with such precision and detail to allow for not only door and window openings but also electrical wiring and piping. Such planning results in a rare occurrence of onsite repair and touch-up’s.  Due to the versatile workable nature of the CLT panels, they can be easily altered and modified which can require some self tapping screws. Limited on-site storage capacity is no issue with CLT as all that’s there is only what is required which means you can focus on other things.


fittings and fixings Attachment of finishes:

CLT is constructed in a dry state, nearing the completion of building there is no need to wait for drying or additional maintenance. While being lightweight the Cross Laminated Timber maintains its strength and solid CLT construction components are not subject to limitations regarding the fastening of loads allowing for things such as heavy kitchen cabinets.