CLT is a very cost competitive product in compared with other construction materials either wood or concrete. The potential cost saving does not only lie on the CLT panel cost but rather cost saving comes from other factors;

  • Low cost support materials – as CLT panels are prefabricated precisely offsite, simple and basic tools required to assemble the building.
  • Fast installation – When CLT panels reached the construction site, they are all ready to be installed and assembled easily and fast where cost can be saved on labour working hoursMoney_Bag_Icon_Money_Clipart
  • Less demand of highly skilled team onsite – Since it is all prefabricated and pre-designed, simple assembly needed onsite which can be settled with low skilled team.
  • Very competitive to other building types – with the wood nature of CLT it is very competitive to the other wood construction material. With the durability and strength of the CLT panels, they are very competitive to concrete or metal types of building materials.
  • Light to transport – As CLT panels are considerably light, more panels can be carried on transportation from the manufacture to the construction site which means less traveling rounds.
  • Low cranage cost due to its lightweight – cranes needed for CLT lifting as not as heavy type required for concrete or metal construction, lighter heavy duty cranes will be basically at lower cost
  • Less equipments required to handle – CLT panels are pre-designed and all ready to be assembled with very little equipments required.
  • Less footing (foundation) cost – When building is constructed based on concrete or metal, it requires very strong and heavy base which basically requires more cost to build such footing but as CLT is very lightweight constructional material the footing can be less massive with low cost.
  • Low maintenance cost – The uniqueness of the CLT design and long durability of the material make the CLT based buildings require very minimum maintenance.