Products - CLT Cross Laminated Timber, Glulam, LVL and associated Products

At Sustainable Construction Services, we are proud of our unique product range, choice of materials, finishes and specifications. We guarantee to supply and install the highest quality products found in Australia in each product category at a very reasonable price. Our products are state of the art and continuously improving, as our suppliers in Germany, Austria and Australia continuously implement innovations and improvements. Fulfilling the customers’ needs by creating customised solutions to suit their individual situation and application is our main target. SCS operates in the replacement/ refurbishment market as well as new constructions of residential and commercial properties.

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CLT ceilingCross Laminated Timber (CLT) is the engineered wood of the future and is making the construction of entire buildings from timber a reality. CLT has grown immensely in popularity in recent times, in stark contrast to when originally developed in Switzerland in the 1970′s, CLT is an elaborate extension of the technology that began with the production of plywood.  Timber is one of the world’s top performing materials. Not only has it been used and tested for centuries but its proven durability, sturdiness and strength has seen it remain as one of the most widely used materials to this day.


glulam beam 02 GLULAM is an engineered wood product manufactured by bonding pieces of wood laminate together- it consists of at least 3 timber laminates bound together with water resistant and durable adhesives running parallel with the member.
GLULAMs are carefully engineered to be able to support a building with maximum conditions and tensions forced upon it. In comparison with other common construction materials and timber, GLULAM is proven to sustain a high level of load-carrying ability along with stability. In recent times GLULAM has grasped the attention of the designers, builders and structural wood manufactures for its strength, stiffness and durability. it is considered stronger than steel as glulam can have longer distance span with minimal intermediate supports. Besides that the builders and designers can design very flexibly  using glulam in any type of its applications.



LVLLVL, Laminated Veneer Lumber timber is one of the engineered-wood systems that is privileged with high-strength quality. This strength is gained from the way it was manufactured by bonding sliced thin wood veneers under certain heat and pressure which makes it comparable to solid timber, steel and concrete. It becomes stronger, straighter and uniform in the stage of lamination due to the veneers’ grains being aligned in the same direction.