CLT – Cross Laminated Timber

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Cross Laminated Timber -CLT is becoming a preferable option for building design and construction professionals in Australia as Cross laminated Timber engineered and manufactured to be a light and strong at the same time for wood building systems. With CLT, constructing the entire multi-level story buildings totally out of wood became reality. CLT is manufactured by stacking several levels of lumber board crosswise at 90 degree angles each layer and glued them together which makes CLT almost swelling and shrinkage free.

SCS offers CLT in a range of visually graded standards which can be described to the following groups:

  • AB: Appropriate for living areas and other internal applications in commercial and residential buildings
  • BC: Appropriate for internal applications in industrial constructions
  • NSI: non-visible (softwood) is appropriate for lining

Two main formats of CLT

CLT by SCS is generally available in 2 different formats:

The CLT – 125 system configuration refers to a panel width of 1250mm and  is made from following wood species, grades and finishes:
CLT 125 format system

CLT softwood species: The 125 system comes in spruce, larch, stone pine, white fir and BBS Antique (steamed fir in a rough brushed finish)
Qualities: 125 is available in qualities for living areas  in AB (all wood types), industrial areas BC (spruce), non-visible NSI (softwood)
Surfaces: Different surface qualities are available, ground surface (visual quality), brushed surface (visual quality), planed surface (non-visible)


The CLT X-Large system configuration refers to a panel width of 3.50 m and  is made from following wood species, grades and finishes:

CLT 125 System
Wood Species: This X-Large CLT timber is made from the species of  Spruce
Qualities: X-Large is available in qualities for Living areas AB, industrial areas BC, non-visible NSI (softwood)
Surfaces: X-Large CLT timber comes with finishes in  ground surfaces  (visual quality, edge glued) and  planed surfaces (non-visible)


The outstanding quality of both formats is the flexibility for designers and builders to use both formats by combining them to reach the structural requirements.



The table below contains detailed properties about the two CLT formats.

CLT formats properties



characteristics values

Why CLT?

CROSS LAMINATED TIMBER is known for its structural simplicity and dimensional stability, strength and rigidity for cost-effective projects, besides other benefits such as design flexibility, fast installation, less waste, lightweight, Acoustic Resistance, energy efficiency and other benefits.

CROSS LAMINATED TIMBER is the greatest option for cold or hot weathers as CLT can regulate the air humidity inside the building to create a very balanced atmosphere