CLT Connectors

The efficiency of connections for CLT assembly makes CLT very competitive in timber assembly structure.

Generally, there are 3 methods of CLT connection systems:

capentry connectionCarpentry as the first method uses different kinds of  interlocking profile. Interlocking profile is a wall cladding system. it is installed either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.It is versatile but it has its application limits.


traditional connection 02The second method to connect CLT panels is the traditional fasteners using bearing or dowel fastener i.e. rivets, nails, split rings, wood screws, shear plate, etc.



innovative method The third method which the most innovative method using self-tapping screws, glued in rods and bearing-type systems, etc. This method is most preferred and used today for its easy installation,  variety in sizes and it dose not require pre-drilling.


Traditional fasteners in CLT like nails and rivets not as commonly used as self-tapping screws. Therefore, SCS focuses mainly on the innovative connections in CLT connection although in some designing details traditional method may be required.


CLT Panels Connection Types

Generally, there are four types of connection for CLT construction; Panel to panel, wall to wall, wall to concrete and wall to floor.

panel to panelCLT Panel to Panel Connection

Panel to panel connection includes panels in floors, walls and roofs.

Connecting panel to panel can be done using internal , double surface , single surface splines made with engineered wood products (e.i. plywood or LVL) , or half-lapped joints (no plywood or LVL)…

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wall to foudationCLT Wall to Concrete Foundation Connection

Construction foundations are concrete base where the walls will be mounted on. Connecting CLT walls to the concrete foundation must be established by professional designers and builders with proper choices of connection tools and methods. There are basically four connection methods where the designer or builder has to decide based on the situation and requirements.

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wall to wall connection

CLT Wall to Wall Connection

Interior and exterior walls are connected to each other at their intersections. Basically, there are two general connection systems; simple connection system and innovative connection system. Based on the requirements and cost factor, designers or builders will choose any of the connection systems.

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wall to roof or floorCLT Wall to Floor/Roof

Generally, CLT panels connection for wall to floor ( in multi-story buildings) or wall to roof includes both types of construction system, platform type and balloon type. There are several connection systems, simple and common systems, where the designers and builders can consult based on the construction needs and requirements.

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