CLT Equipment and Accessories

CLT construction requires careful and precise design, with this its connections are a vital component. CLT connecting equipment plays a crucial role in the achievement of the necessary ductility and strength of the structure as a whole. SCS can provide a large range of sophisticated hardware fittings designed and developed specifically for connecting CLT components. For most standard connections the preferred option is to use systems comprising of mainly plates, brackets and engineered screws.

Screws have both a high strength capacity and can be easily installed. For CLT construction, screws with washers are recommended to connect the structure, however countersunk wood screws can be used at half lap panel joints.

Plates and Brackets
Metal angle brackets provide a convenient fixing system where panels abut at 90°.  Various proprietary types are available, suitable for screw or nail fixings, or both.   Brackets will be generally required to resist greater capacity near the corners of panels to maintain rigidity of the structure. This applies particularly to connections between the floor and designated bracing walls. For fire rated construction, metal connectors will require protection by linings.  Unless brackets can be rebated into the CLT, linings will need to be packed clear (this is usually required to accommodate services anyway).