Sealing CLT base constructions

CLT base constructions are air leakage and heat loss proof but it is still recommended to further improve the sir leakage and heat loss resistance. Sealing against air leakage increase the comfort and reduce energy bills and carbon emissions. There are a few sources for air leakage;

airleakage sources- Windows and doors that are not sealed or poorly sealed

- Airlocks are poorly designed

- Exhausts, vents, and skylights are unsealed

- Ceiling insulation and penetration may have gaps around them

- Unsealed gaps in the envelope element junctions

- floor boards are poorly fitted or shrunken


Gasket Seals and Sealants

CLT is different from other structural wood building systems and known for its air-tightness and wind-tightness but it is still can be further tighten to have almost zero air or wind leakage to inside the building or to prevent the air to temperature in the building to scape out of the building.

There is a variety of gaskets and sealants but the items will be mentioned here are the most appropriate for CLT buildings:

EPDM sealEPDM seal:
It is highly resistant against ozone, UV rays exposure, sever weather conditions and high heat. All these qualities make it ideal for CLT based constructions.


 sealing stripSealing strips

Sealing strips are basically used outdoor due to their excellent sun light resistance. They are long-life products which have very strong surfaces and non-absorbent. These strips are good to resist the UV and add very much to sound and  light insulation and vibration dampening.


wall gasketwall gasket – Compriband

Compriband is a pre-formed flexible polyurethane foam-sealing strip impregnated with bitumen. It can be compressed to seal expansion and construction joints. Compriband is a long lasting joint sealer that can also be used in gasket seals. It is resistant to weathering, most domestic and industrial effluents and vermin.
It can be used in curtain walls, window frames, panel walls, sealing metal and timber windows,skylights, ducting and concrete panels



self-adhesiveself-adhesive tape

self adhesive tape is good for doors and windows sealing. it is very easy and quick to install. It helps very well to eliminate draughts, rattles and cushioning applications.