SCS – Services

It is our goal to make your construction, refurbishment or renovation projects a stress-free venture, being the partner you can rely on. Sustainable Construction Services carries out a variety of construction related services associated with our product groups. For many clients we organise, supervise and project-manage associated works. This gives us the opportunity to approach every project flexibly, cost efficient and react fast, when other experts are required on site or in the process. This keeps us focused on achieving your desired outcome within your time frame.

SCS offers supply and installation in Victoria, South Australia, ACT, NSW and Tasmania. We understand the need of outstanding high-end products is not restricted to these areas. Our products can therefore be supplied countrywide and for larger projects, we will send a team to install windows, doors and shutters, wherever they are needed.

In most cases, the planning and decision making process behind a construction or refurbishment project bears uncertainty and risks. Some stakeholders purely follow their own agenda. SCS is the right partner to support you during this time with important issues and questions, such as energy assessments, cost saving calculations, property value estimates, refurbishment-refinance-approach and many more. We will ensure that your investment does not only create better spaces to work and live, but pays back in the medium or long term.

Consulting & Advice

Consulting and expert advice are the keys to a successful and satisfying construction and refurbishment project. Indefinite combinations of functions and designs surprise our customers, which creates new high quality outcomes. Our consultants are expertly trained and look back on years of industry experience. We will not only translate technical jargon but also help you to make the right decision, when investing in property, security and health, to achieve a guaranteed return.

Site Assessment and Measure

SCS will assess your project on site or by assessing drawings, plans and design briefs. We will not only ensure the ordered materials are fitting perfectly; moreover we will assess your plans or building and help you decide on the correct products and best-suited installation method for your purpose. Site assessment and measure is always done by qualified technicians and engineers to foresee problems at installation stage.

Custom Design

No matter if it is an oversized entrance door with arched transoms, a glass roof with remote controlled shutter/ blind system or a winter garden to cover your outdoor pool. If it is technically possible, SCS will build it for you. We can quote based on sketches, provide you with plans and drawings for customised designs, plan and project manage your construction project in collaboration with your architect or builder.

Supply and Installation

The best window, door and shutter system is worthless if short-cuts are taken during installation. Incorrectly installed windows and doors can lead to moisture or leakage resulting in mould formation or even aggravate the building structure. This will further lead to increased heating/ cooling costs, increased noise levels and draught, which causes additional stress or even illness to the tenants. SCS installs in accordance with latest installation techniques, using specialised tools and high end materials, such as fixings, seals and sealants, foams, etc.


Service rules at SCS! Our team is committed to customer service in a friendly an honest manner. We will support and assist you from the first contact to after completion of a project. No matter, if your query is about a general problem or technical details,  a question or a concern – we are available via phone, email or in person: Contact us.


The repair of existing, especially low-quality modules can be tricky and frustrating. We will do anything possible to repair faulty component and seal leakages or replace existing components. If your window, door, shutter or blind is in a non-repairable state, we will price up a suitable replacement in no time. The cost of repair can be deducted from your replacement costs.


Windows, doors and shutters are exposed to enormous strains often over decades. Therefore, components require a certain level of care and maintenance. SCS assists you with works, for example restore operability (of window sashes, locks and handles), lubrication or alignment of seals, replacement of shutter motors, cranks, shafts, etc. We will keep the value of your assets intact and protect your investments for years to come.

 Cost reductions & Financials

Supplying the best product in every category to Australian businesses and private customers, SCS is aware that investments must pay in the middle and long term. This is a complex matter, involving estimates and calculations concerning savings of energy costs, increase in property value as well as life cycle cost savings for refurbishment projects. SCS will be able to supply the product for your application that creates middle or long term savings for the property in question – existing buildings and new constructions.

Please Contact Us  to find out, how SCS can assist you and provide value adding services