Consulting at Design and Engineering Stage

Sustainable Construction Services is eager to provide you with consulting and project management services. We can provide you with a variety of services, from simple advice, calculations and organisational tasks to detailed consulting and project management services.

SCS can provide technical and design information at early stages of the project and help defining scope and details of your project.  We source suitable products on the Australian and international markets, provide technical specifications and detail drawings. If details for customised architectural designs are required, SCS will provide these directly or request them from overseas suppliers. It is important to us that your project achieves best possible outcomes regarding energy efficiency, acoustics, security and durability.

Our range of panels can be designed and manufactured offsite precisely with all the openings for doors and windows, chased for electrical wiring and piping. The range is ideal for projects with limited on-site storage capacity and allows for the ease of onsite modifications to the design and and any work project. Give SCS a call today to discuss your next project.

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