In order to fully seize the benefits of CLT – Cross Laminated Timber, appropriate installation must occur. The key to ensuring the sustainability, durability, quality and finish of your product is proper installation.  CLT can be used for walls, roofs and flooring structures as it has an incredibly high strength to weight ratio and can be manufactured to uncommonly long lengths unseen in other building materials. Short cuts cannot be taken when installing cross laminated timber, It is vital that precaution and care are taken to ensure optimal outcomes.

If measures are not taken moisture may be able to leak into the building which can result in both molds and fungus which can lead to huge risks in health along with the damage of your structure and finishes.  Poor workmanship and techniques can lead to increased levels of noise , draught and unwanted airflow into the building. As a result of this the cost of energy increases along with aggravated stress levels.

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CLT – Cross Laminated timber being installed.

SCS can supply and install your CLT project using the latest technology and materials to the highest of standards. SCS takes strict precautions and measures to ensure the desired outcome of your projects, conducting quality control prior, during and upon completion of the installation with a commitment to the satisfaction that everything is working to expectations.  As a result of these controls and measures, SCS is able to provide extended warranties given the installation has been conducted by our contractors and technicians.

SCS can install Cross Laminated Timber and additional products at both residential and commercial properties, government institutions and companies and subcontract to builders or work for owner builders. SCS is flexible and able to appease each and every scenario presented.


Don’t compromise the quality of your project. Please Contact Us to discuss supply and installation options in more details.