Questions & Costing

Sustainable Construction Services is the business to rely on when it comes to planning your residential or commercial building as well as investing sustainably in existing real estate (your home, business or investment property). SCS will work to provide you with your desired outcome at a competitive cost, providing you with options and alternatives to suit all homes, life-styles and budgets.
While creating healthier spaces to live and work, we will ensure that your investment is financially sustainable. No matter if you will build new or refurbish existing properties, SCS will deliver cost saving solutions for the middle and long-term.

Main tools of assessment will lead to the correct calculation and hence scenario:

1. Energy Saving Assessment = Cost saving calculations

2. Property Value Assessments = Value increase and long term conservation

3. Risk Mitigation = risk of damage to your property

4. Cost Saving Assessment of maintenance and repair costs

5. Cost savings on heating and cooling systems

6. Subsidies, Grants and Tax Credits

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