CLT wall to wall connection

Interior and exterior walls are connected to each other at their intersections. Basically, there are two general connection systems; simple connection system and innovative connection system. Based on the requirements and cost factor, designers or builders will choose any of the connection systems.


wall to wall straight screwStraight self-tapping screw connection system (simple)

A straight froward and simple method to connect two CLT walls together is to drill self-tapping screws through one wall to another with right length of self-tapping screws depending on the thickness of the CLT walls.


wall to wall angled screwAngled self-tapping screw connection (simple)

This connection system is very similar to Straight self-tapping connection system (above) and the only difference is that the self-tapping screws are drilled not in straight but with some angle ensuring the screws penetrate to the second CLT wall.


wall to wall metal bracketScrew & metal bracket connection (simple)

 Metal bracket is another simple and good option which can be considered while constructing using CLT panels to connect CLT wall to another CLT wall by simply screwing one side of the bracket to one wall and the other side of the bracket to the other wall.


Dovetail connection system (innovative)

wall to wall dovetailDovetail joint is a common joint technique used in woodworking joinery. It is used commonly for its strong resistance to being pulled apart. Dovetail joint with wooden or steel profiles is used in connecting two CLT walls in a very innovative ways. The two walls with dovetail joints can be glued upon connecting them. Once the are glued, the dovetail joints requires no mechanical fasteners. This connecting system is fast, easy to assemble, accurate, flexible, versatile, time-saving, strong, mobile and economical.


wall to wall knapp connectionKnapp connection system (innovative)

Knapp company produces excellent timber fastening systems to join two timbers using ” lock” as can be seen clearly in the figure. Knapp locks are attached to both CLT walls and the walls are ready to be joint. When CLT panels are installed and connected, the Knapp locks are invisible, self-tightening and the walls can be easily disassembled.


wall to wall wood profile Dovetail wood profile connection system (innovative)

This connection system is very similar to Dovetail connection system (above) where both CLT panels are attached with dovetail joints for easy and strong assembly but in this system, additional self-tapping screws are required to strengthen the connection.